Sierra Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Sierra Luxury Vinyl presents a beautiful, naturalistic premise. Not only is this collection of flooring gorgeous, but boasts incredible practicality. Created to make for a stylish space, this vinyl takes inspiration from real wood, tile and stone.

Vinyl is famous for its practicality, coming with an easy cleaning routine as well as being stain, water and scratch proof. This makes it a popular choice for busy family homes that see more exposure to this. Additionally, vinyl is incredibly durable, looking as good as new for many years after installation.

Sierra collection comes in a verity of different colours, textures and patterns, meaning it will compliment many different rooms and interior designs. Vinyl is ideal if you have fallen for the charm of natural products but need something at a cheaper price and easier maintenance.

Seirra comes in two different ranges: Habitana and Exmepla. Keep going to browse our collection of Sierra Luxury Vinyl, you’ll fall in love…

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