Sensa Laminate Flooring

Sensa Laminate flooring presents an exquisite representation of wood but at a more affordable price. It comes in a variety of shades and patterns, from convincing replicas of natural oak to a character filled rustic flooring. The easy going colours this laminate comes in would make for the perfect backdrop to any interior.

Laminate is famous for its impressive durability, standing the test of time and heavy domestic use. You should have no concerns placing it in rooms that see high foot traffic-your laminate flooring will withstand whatever is thrown at it. This makes it a popular choice for busy family homes and commercial use.

Easy maintenance is something that Sensa is well known for. It is stain, water and scratch resistant, meaning you should have no problem placing it in rooms that see more exposure to this. However, they can seep beneath the surface if left, so we’d recommend cleaning up anything as soon as possible. Regular mopping, sweeping or vacuuming will keep dirt in check. Touch up kits are also available to keep your laminate looking fresh for many years.

Sensa comes in a variety of thicknesses which in turn reflects the price. Of course, the thicker the flooring, the better the durability and insulation. However, lower thicknesses such as 7mm come at a more affordable price, but still with the quality you’d expect from laminate. All our Sensa products come with a guarantee of between 10-25 years as well.

Our beautiful Sensa collection comes in contemporary, traditional and rustic patterns. You can really get the exact look you want with the many colour and texture options available.

We are aware that people are often cautious when it comes to laminate as it is cheaper than its inspiration of real wood. We are confident in the quality of these products and are very excited to be able to offer them at these prices! Order your free sample today to see how this collection can lift you interior.

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