Lifestyle Chelsea Extra Laminate Flooring

Lifestyle have been offering quality flooring for over 35 years, becoming one of the UK’s favourite laminate flooring brands. Their bespoke flooring solutions are perfect for modern living, promising great design, unbelievable performance, and outstanding durability. The Chelsea Extra collection takes each element to the next level, improving the dynamic of almost any interior space. With an impressive rating of AC3, Chelsea extra boards are ideal for heavy domestic use, tackling high levels of footfall with ease. Whether installed in kitchens, conservatories, or above underfloor heating, you’re guaranteed to receive exceptional dimensional stability, and a bespoke aesthetic to match.

The Benefits

Lifestyle Chelsea Extra laminate flooring makes installation easy with its intuitive click fitting system. This allows each board to lock seamlessly into one another, eliminating the need for additional adhesives. This effectively reduces costs, labour, and fitting time, helping your installation go as smoothly as possible. On the surface, the boards are protected by an anti-bacterial coating for added cleanliness and low maintenance. Whilst this keeps your flooring free from germs, it also helps prevent dints, stains, and scratches from becoming visible. The 8mm planks deliver unrivalled durability, promising an extended lifespan. As a result, a 20 year warranty comes as standard with every purchase.

The Choice

No matter what choice of species you love, you’re guaranteed to receive a superior wood effect that perfectly reflects the richness and elegance of natural wood flooring. Lifestyle are highly regarded for their beautiful designs, improving the aesthetic of your home with ease.

Alongside an array of wood effects, our wide selection of Lifestyle laminate flooring is available in a range of styles, shades, and plank dimensions, giving you unlimited freedom of choice. Don’t forget, we offer unlimited free samples, so you can try the incredible quality of our products before you buy.

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