Kaindl 12mm 4V Natural Touch Laminate Flooring

Kaindl 12mm 4V Natural Touch Laminate Flooring compiles gorgeous wood looks into one range of laminate flooring that offers durability, quality and value for any home. It uses a variety of shades, including brown, beige and grey to suit any decor or taste, as well as realistic looking grain and knots without the unpredictability of real wood. The beveled edges also add to the realistic effect by adding depth and definition, as well as the textured finish, hence the name 'natural touch'. Each plank is 12mm thick for superior durability, and 193mm wide and 1383mm long.

It is easy to install Kaindl flooring as it has a click joining method that can be simply floated or glued down with adhesive for greater stability. you will not require a professional to lay click flooring, but you may want to to ensure planks are fitted tightly to prevent spillages seeping between cracks. The 30 year guarantee shows just how important this is - if looked after properly, this floor could last for the remainder of most people's time in a house.

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